Services and clients


Floor Supervision

Working alongside support workers involved with people who have extreme challenging behaviours.

Other Clinical Services

Multi-disciplinary psychosocial consulting and mentoring, psychiatric rehabilitation supports, floor supervision.

Policy and Management

Program evaluation, policy analysis and development, strategic planning, development and budgeting of specialized services, organizing appropriate social, physical and sensory environments.

Specialized residential supports 

Our firm helps develop and manage adapted, community-based, secure options for such individuals to live better lives, while receiving the supports they need in appropriate environments.

Recent Clients

Sunbeam Centre, Ontario, Waterloo Ontario Developmental Services Resource Centre, Ottawa Developmental Services Coordination, Algoma Association for Community Living, Ontario,  Community Networks of Specialized Care, Ontario, Solution-s, Ottawa, Dual Diagnosis Service for Central West Ontario, Central West Specialized Developmental Services, Centre d'aide par le travail de Melle, France, Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services, Hopewell Homes,  HANDS The Family Network, Foyer Alpha, France, ADAPEI de Nièvre, France, Family Lives - Shriver Nursing, Boston MA, Government of Canada - Justice Department, Trajets, T-INTERACTIONS, Genève, Hôpital Lavigny, Switzerland.