"We need to not only engineer solutions for problems that seem insurmountable, we also need to help create conditions where problems are transformed into opportunities." 

Jacques Pelletier

BCJP CONSULTING is a firm specialized in the field of services to persons presenting complex needs due to disabilities, homelessness, drug addiction, mental illness, and/or severe challenging behaviours. It is active in Canada, the USA and in Europe. The parent company is Bureau Conseil Jacques Pelletier, Inc.

Our firm brings an in-depth knowledge of North American and European/Swiss human service systems that support individuals with complex psycho-social and medical needs. We have a long-standing history of delivering services to our clients through our world-wide network of associates. We offer an eclectic range of services for clinicians, on-site workers, service management, senior management and policy-makers.


Jacques Pelletier, BSc., MA, Psy.D. works in Canada, the USA and Europe/Switzerland. His main field of expertise is Psychiatric/Psycho-Social Rehabilitation. He has extensive experience in the field of developmental disabilities and dual diagnosis. He was the Editor of the Ontario Consensus Guidelines for the Care, Support and Treatment of People with Developmental Disabilities and Challenging Behaviours. His clinical focus is with adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities who show extreme challenging behaviours.


BCJP CONSULTING is associated with an international network of specialists and clinicians in the field of Dual Diagnosis and psychiatric rehabilitation.